The Blue Corn Lifestyle: Green & Organic Fest

September 2 | 12 pm to 5m | FREE

Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing

What We Do

The Idea

“Blue Corn Lifestyle: Organic and Green Fest’’ is a cultural effort, to gather communities from all walks of life, under a common awareness theme, that supports the need for promoting a sustainable lifestyle that fusions the old traditions from our ancestral roots and the evolution of our society, as a whole.

The festival

“Blue Corn Lifestyle: Organic and Green Fest’’ gathers agricultors, green market owners, restaurant owners, artists, artisans, musicians, tribal groups, and a conscious team of people working together to create and make the event an unforgettable experience that appeals to the eye, mind, and consciousness of the community.


“Blue Corn Lifestyle: Organic and Green Fest’’ main objectives, are to create awareness about the green and organic lifestyle promoted by Blue Corn, as a symbolism for the defense and conservation of the genetic seed, currently being replaced by transgenic corn. Alongside, we want to promote the consumption of locally grown, organic food products from the community.

Corn Festival Philly 2018

Corn Festival Philly 2018

The Blue Corn Lifestyle Festival is a fusion of old Mexican indigenous traditions in contemporary times and the rescue of the Mexican Farmer culture and of their native corn and seeds which are considered world heritage.